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Horse Saddles

A common misconception is that the saddle industry has standardized measurements for different gullet widths and bar angles

Quarter Horse Bar or Semi Quarter Horse Bar (Gullet usually 6 1/2″ – 6 3/4″ width) is by far the most common tree. It has a higher pitch as opposed to the flatter pitch for FQHB. It is for the medium back, decent wither and often mixed blood descent (1/2 Arab, Appendix or other mixes).

The FQHB tree (usually 7″ gullet) is often used for the “Bulldog” Quarter Horse or horses with broad backs and sometimes mutton-withered Quarter Horses. The FQHB will usually have a flatter pitch than the QH/Semi QH bar.

Arab saddles (usually 6 1/2″ – 6 3/4″ gullet) are for Arabians and have a narrow gullet like the Semi QH but a flatter pitch angle like the FQHB – sometimes flatter yet, than the FQHB.

Gaited horse bars have a higher gullet for high withered horses. They usually have a wider gullet front that narrows towards the back to allow shoulder movement, and usually have more rock.

Haflinger saddles (7 1/2″ gullet) are great for Haflingers or short backed mutton withered horses and often have the flatter pitch and very little rock.

Draft Horse bars (8″ gullet), are for the large Draft Horses.